Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glorious Spring

In just a few weeks it will be spring!! I know so many of you are waiting for the warmth that spring brings. Then there is all the colors that accompany spring. I enjoy making slideshows so here in another one to celebrate the glorious spring!!

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Welcome March!

I waited the other day for the big snow storm they said was coming our way. Some say March came in like a lion so it will go out like a lamb. I say with the few inches of snow we got March came in like a lamb so it will go out like a lion. Again the forecasters were wrong. I remember watching the weather reports as a young girl and it seems like they were right more often back then and they didn't have all the fancy gadgets they have today.

My family loves snow! My Mom always said they weren't snowflakes they were little dollar signs coming down. My Dad owns a snow plowing business. So the next time you are unhappy about having snow remember it's the bread and butter on others plates. I am still waiting for a big snow storm this year. I guess I'll probably have to wait till next year.